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Realm Aratari

Aratari Prelude to the Dagorhir Manual of Arms

(Accepted 9/30/00. Last Updated 9/30/00)

The Dagorhir Manual of Arms will be the primary source of rules for Dagorhir Aratari, with the exception of differences contained in this Prelude, which always take precedence over Ragnarok rules. The current Dagorhir Manual of Arms can be found on the National Website.

The Dagorhir Handbook 2003 Edition!!! 

The Dagorhir Battle Game Association Corporate Bylaws can be found here in PDF format.

  1. The minimum age for participation in battle games at Dagorhir Aratari events shall be 15.
    1. There is no minimum age or restriction for spectators, although it would be preferable if everyone followed the minimum Dagorhir costume requirements.
    2. Those under age 16 MUST have their parent or legal guardian be present at their first check-in and sign the parental release form in front of the Check-in personnel.

  2. The Magistrate of the Dagorhir Aratari Board of Directors is the ultimate authority at Dagorhir Aratari events.
    1. The Magistrate appoints two positions: Head Weapons Check and Head Herald.
      1. The War Council must approve all appointees.
      2. The term of office of the appointees shall be one year.
        1. An appointee may be removed by either the Magistrate or the War Council. A new appointee to serve out the remainder of the current term must then be chosen and approved by both the Magistrate and the War Council.

  3. Dagorhir Aratari battles will begin with Weapons Check.
    1. A Weapons Checker has the right to fail any weapon that is unsafe and/or fails to meet the standards set forth in the rules.
    2. Any current member with 24 battles of experience is eligible to become a Weapons Checker.
    3. The current Head Weapons Check qualifies new/old Weapons Checkers through a seminar given by the Head Weapons Check as he/she sees fit.
      1. At each event an attending unit MUST have one qualified Weapons Checker present his/herself for duty to the Head Weapons Check at the beginning of check-in.
        1. Units that do not have any qualified member for Weapons Check duty are exempt from the above rule.

  4. The herald is the primary authority on the battlefield.
    1. A herald has the right to remove anyone from the field.
    2. Any member with 24 battles of experience is eligible to be a Herald.
    3. The current Head Herald, appointed by the Magistrate, qualifies new/old Heralds through a seminar or quiz as he/she sees fit to ensure that all Heralds are fully knowledgeable of the rules and can make valid decisions accordingly.
      1. At each event an attending unit MUST have a minimum of two qualified Heralds present themselves to the Head Herald for use as necessary.
        1. Units that have less than two qualified Heralds at an event are exempt from the above rule for that event.

  5. All bladed weapons must conform to all of the following:
    1. Minimum dimensions of 1.25 inch by 3 inches.
    2. Weight greater than twelve ounces.
    3. Balance or lean towards blade at least 1" above the hilt.

  6. Aventails on helmets may be permitted if they conform to all safety requirements, at the Weapons Checkerís discretion.

Click here for the Dagorhir Manual of Arms,
The complete set of Dagorhir's National Rule Set

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