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Battle Pictures

"Dire deeds awake, dark it is eastward.
Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded!
Forth Eorlingas!" - Theoden

Inspire the mind and excite the imagination!
Everything is possible! Experience yesterday's fun today!

(The thumbnail images below link to larger pictures. 
Some files are very large, so they may take some time to open.)

army1_11-30-02.jpg (49576 bytes)
line2_11-30-02.jpg (81334 bytes) army3_11-30-02.jpg (81650 bytes) ourline3_11-30-02.jpg (69544 bytes) line4_11-30-02.jpg (72483 bytes)

In a standard two-team field battle, armies form up, and commanders give their orders. The two teams advance towards one another and engage!  Then the intense swirl of melee ensues! 

Graymael11-30-02.jpg (31663 bytes) engaging1.jpg (33446 bytes) engaging2.jpg (36434 bytes) ourline6_11-30-02.jpg (65934 bytes) engaging3.jpg (42432 bytes)
ourline8_11-30-02.jpg (37437 bytes) killinGest1_11-30-02.jpg (79431 bytes) goblinsfighting.jpg (64765 bytes) gesteguistefighting.jpg (38029 bytes) moving_11-30-02.jpg (49645 bytes)
Rome01.JPG (59488 bytes) Formation2.JPG (21566 bytes) Advance01.JPG (58807 bytes) Advance02.JPG (61408 bytes) battle3.jpg (50500 bytes)
Melee.JPG (53624 bytes) Gesteguiste02.JPG (61951 bytes) Melee01.JPG (67988 bytes) Archers-003f.JPG (47766 bytes) ShindarAttack.JPG (60479 bytes)
Vardrotta11-30-02.jpg (60982 bytes) Guard_11-30-02.jpg (49957 bytes) kutrigui11-30-02.jpg (47383 bytes) gesteguiste11-20-02.jpg (70810 bytes) rome11-30-02.jpg (37001 bytes)
celticallies11-30-02.jpg (53533 bytes) maggot2.jpg (16153 bytes) goblins.jpg (60486 bytes) guard.jpg (37055 bytes) Kane.jpg (17157 bytes)
shade11-30-02.jpg (34011 bytes) goblin3.jpg (17464 bytes) Orwin11-30-02.jpg (22775 bytes) gunthar.jpg (23372 bytes)
goblin2.jpg (19908 bytes)

For more pictures, please check Dagorhir's National Website!

Special thanks to Richard Gibson of the Vardrotta and Tim "Kyrax" Burgess of the Guard for his many appreciated contributions.

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