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The Lord of the Rings Fan Club

Battles and Events
  • Romans readying for battleDagorhir Aratari battles are $3.00, weekend camp outs are $10.00.
  • Newcomers are welcome - Your first battle is free!
  • Check-in runs from 10:00 to 11:30 AM.
    If you arrive after check-in has closed, there is a $2.00 late fee for veterans.
  • Battles typically run at least four hours with varying scenarios & breaks.

For a list of battles in your area, contact your local Chapter. The national Dagorhir website lists large multi-Chapter Dagorhir events.

The battles listed below are in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC area. For directions, click on any highlighted battle location or call the Voice of Dagorhir:  301-231-3594.

Schedule of 2015 Aratari Events: 

January 1st 2015:

Dead Dog Battle; Redland Middle School

January 17th 2015:

Yule Feast, Adelphi Mill

Feburary 7th 2015:

Aratari Tournaments; Roundtree Park

March 7th 2015:

Aratari Day Battle; Cloverdale Park

April 11th 2015:

Aratari Day Battle; Lake Needwood

April TBD 2015:

Gates of Fire; TBD

May 22-24th 2015:

Mayhem Campout; Patuxent River Park

June 6th 2015:

Pre-Rag Battle; Lake Needwood

June 21-29th 2015:

Ragnarok; Cooper's Lake

July 11th 2015:

Aratari Day Battle; Roundtree

August 9th 2015:

Sunday Aratari Battle; Spring Mill Center

August 14-16th 2015:

Althyng Campout; Patuxent River Park

September 5th 2015:

Aratari Day Battle; TBD Richmond

September TBD 2015:

Badon Hill; TBD

October TBD 2015:

Harvest War; Patuxent River Park

October 31st 2015:

Halloween Monster Bash; Redland Middle School

November 28th 2015:

Post-Thanksgiving Battle; Lake Needwood

December 19th 2015:

Saturnalia Battle; Roundtree

Subscribers receive regular updates regarding battle and event information directly from the President of Dagorhir Aratari!