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Tolkien Links  (Or: ARE YOU TOLKIEN TO ME?!?)

Encyclopedia of Arda, an Interactive Guide to the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Ardalambion, Of the Tongues of Arda, the invented world of J.R.R. Tolkien

Your one stop shop for Lord of the Rings movie news, pics, interviews, cast info 
General - Forged by

Official Lord of the Rings Movie Site

    Lord of the Rings Science Page

Tolkien Movie & Books Site

Middle Earth Reunion - (Formerly Arda Online) The Alternative Tolkien Society

The Barrow Downs - Encyclopedia, picture gallery, quizzes, games, articles, chat, and movie news

Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site

Shadow of the Ring: page with lots of information, media, mp3s, NEW: A LOTR-CHAT

My Precious: Tolkien fan site, featuring some splendid flash art and animation

LordoftheRings.Com: movie news, 3-D maps, encyclopedia 

The Ring Zone - your daily Tolkien fix of Lord of the Ring movie news! a Tolkien fan site by a Tolkien fan: Quizzes, art, film pics and movie news!

Cabed-en-Aras, a awesome Tolkien resource site

There and Back Again - Middle Earth brought to life in an awesome Tolkien fan flash-based site 

Searching for the Hobbit - Assassin Films' upcoming documentary about Tolkien's influence in modern culture, featuring Dagorhir! 

Tolkien Games Website 

Fingolfin.Com: Home of Heren Istarion - the only Tolkien Society Smial in New York City.

The Valaquenta : Enter the Account of the Valar

The Grey Havens


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 Comic Strip. Copyright 2000 by John Cook.

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Larplist Top LARP 


Medieval and Dark Age Resources

CAVEAT EMPTOR: In your enthusiasm to get geared up for battle, please use caution in dealing with vendors. Not all internet merchants are reputable, and many of our membership have experienced problems in dealing with online armorers. Searching on the internet will find you a vast number of armorers, some good, some bad. Do not misconstrue: our listing a merchant here is not an endorsement. Nor does Dagorhir Battle Game Association, Inc. accept any responsibility or liability. If we have repeated complaints about a vendor, we will remove them from this list of links on our site.

   "Mom's Garb Shop" (Medieval costuming, as seen at Ragnarok)

Garb the World  (Medieval costuming)

The Albino Manticore: Armory specializing in leather Dagorhir armor. 


Kult of Athena (supplier of quality discount reproduction weaponry)

Ravensmoon Replicas

Medieval Weapon Art  (Site deals with various aspects of the Jewelry Trade up to medieval Swords, Flails and Armory)

LARPware - costuming, supplies, and leather armor (padded weapons not up to Dagorhir standards).  

The Viking Trader (hand made leather goods)

Max Gain Systems, Inc (Suppliers of fiberglass for weapon cores)

McMaster-Carr (suppliers of quality foam)

Arador Armor Library (Highly recommended armor resource site!)

    Pewter LotR Collectibles 

The Dorsett House: Chainmail

Bud K: Medieval Equipment

Fallon's Mail: Armory

Dark Age Web

Fortune's Rhythym Belly Dancers and Drummers in North Virginia

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

PSC Medieval Society

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies

The Online Medieval and Classical Library

Odin's Castle: An Archive of History and Historical Resources

Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites

Medieval Music & Arts Foundation

Ancient Rome

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Brigantia: The Iron-Age Celtic Re-enactment Society

The Germanic Heritage Page

Therion Arms

Viking Age Page


Costuming Links

Chandra's Dance Extravaganza

LadyBwear: Ladies' Chainmail

Tower of Ein: Rubber Masks

Milieux: The Costume Site

Footwear of the Medieval Ages

The Clans and Tartans of Scotland

Oriental Costumes

Museum of Costume

Celtic Costume