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Making a T-Tunic

To make the Dagorhir experience exciting and believable, Dagorhir has minimal costume requirements. Costumes are called "garb" by Dagorhir participants. Minimal garb at one's first event must consist of at least a poncho tunic and leggings, as seen in this picture. Ultimately pride demands that you make better costuming, and the first step is making a basic T-Tunic. Step by step instructions are included below, courtesy of Scion d'Ur of the Dagorhir Realm Angaron in Pittsburg.

Step 1:

Start with a length of cloth that is twice as long as from your shoulders to your knees and as wide as the distance from wrist to wrist (or however long you want the sleeves to be).

Fold the fabric in half. The side of fabric you want exposed on your tunic when it is finished should be on the inside of the fold.

Fold fabric in half

Step 2:

Cut away the sections indicated to form the sleeves, torso and neck-hole and sew the material together as indicated in RED and hem along the lines in BLUE. I like to make the sleeves and body a little on the baggy side, so I measure down about a foot from the top for the sleeves, and four to 5 inches wider than the torso of a really baggy t-shirt. You may also wish to put a tie-off cord through the sleeve cuff hem.

Sew together and hem

Step 3:

Turn the tunic inside out, and you're finished!

You are done!

Now, don't you just look fabulous!

Any comments or questions? Please email me. I would appreciate any input. - Scion d'Ur

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