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Building a Dagorhir Spear

Special thanks to Scion d'Ur of the Dagorhir Realm Angaron in Pittsburg for this incredible contribution in developing these pages, instructions, and splendid graphics. While this design is not the only one allowed or in use, it is a recognized standard highly recommended for safety and longevity. 


  • Start with a 1" PVC core at least 6-7' in length.

    PVC core


*Note about contact cement: Apply to surfaces to join lightly and allow cement to dry to a "tacky" texture before joining surfaces.

  • Cover the length of the core with pipe insulation except for the grip.

    leave grip bare

  • Wrap the spearhead and pommel with enough closed cell foam to mount half of a nerf football onto. Add two or so circles of closed cell foam to cover the tip.

    pad spearhead and pommel pad spearhead and pommel

    *Note: for a halberd striking edge, consult Axe page.

  • Glue half of a Nerf football (or shaped open cell foam) onto spear tip and add one last layer of closed cell foam around existing closed cell foam and slightly around the open cell foam to reinforce the tip's structural integrity.

    add Nerf spear tip... ...and add more padding


  • Cut and sew cover spear head like a sword and use a "tube" of cloth to cover insulated shaft. Secure cloth ends with duct tape.

    add cover secure with duct tape

Thrust... thrust... parry... *clang*... Good!

Any comments or questions? Please email me. I would appreciate any input. - Scion d'Ur